Zbigz – Fastest Cloud-Based Torrent Client

Free torrent clients are used worldwide for sharing and downloading files. Hence a search for online clients that offer the fastest uploading and downloading speeds are noticed more than often. Although there are a plethora of free torrent clients available, only a few are good enough for the purpose. Remember it is free service you are looking for! Zbigz is among the best torrent clients, offering exceptionally fast file download ability and you can have a free account. It is a cloud-based service and does not require any software to be downloaded as it runs directly in the web browser.


No registration is required for being a member at Zbigz, but this will give you limited access, so at least a free registered account is advisable. What is most interesting is that Zbigz can be used with any browser, which is the greatest relief, since finding compatible software for certain Operating Systems can be tough. Apart from this, all your torrents get stored in one place under your personal account.  If you are using a free account, your torrent files will only be available in your account for 7 days, from the day you add a torrent. Being a premium member removes this restriction.

Torrent files are downloaded as a .zip file from Zbigz. A huge advantage is the ability to download your .zip files using third party download manager. Another useful feature is the ability to halt the download and resume it from where you stopped, at a later time. So if you need to do something important and have to keep the download on hold, you may just stop the download and start it again when you are ready for it. This saves you the time and trouble of starting with the download all over again. Despite being ad supported, Zbigz allows you this feature without any annoyance.

Also, some ISP’s restrict torrent sites, which makes it difficult to download files, but with Zbigz it is not so. Since it works directly from the browser, you can have unrestricted access to all your torrent files. Apart from this, the torrent client offers secure download with no trace of IP address left behind. You can download as many movies, ebooks and music albums as you want, but for free members, each torrent file can be no more than 1GB in size. They are allowed up to 2 downloads simultaneously at a speed of 150 Kbps and only 2 files in storage.

Zbigz torrent client is very simple to use and can be handled even by the novice. It is one of the best in its category with a download speed second only to BitTorrent, the most popular torrent client used. Premium members enjoy a host of benefits such as video and music streaming, files cached even if member is not on the site and full cashing speed. Zbigz also allows them access to unlimited file storage and storage time and unrestricted download speed, file size and simultaneous download.

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Torrent files are downloaded as a .zip file from Zbigz